As the largest business organization in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas, the Chamber serves as a lead advocate for business issues, representing the interests of business to local, state and federal governmental leaders. The Chamber advocates on behalf of the business community and educates business leaders about public policy issues relevant to their business.  Influencing economic and social policy, as well as maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens is a fundamental mission of the Texarkana Chamber. We focus on the political issues facing business, so you can focus on running your business.  The Chamber seeks to investigate, communicate, educate, and advocate on issues important to our businesses, the community and the future of our region.

Public Policy Updates 

The weekly ‘On The Record’ provides relevant updates on public policy as well as news and information affecting our communities.  This is a free service provided to all members of the Texarkana Chamber.

Texarkana Chamber of Commerce provides the leadership for visits to the Texas Capitol and the Arkansas Capitol to discuss local issues and opportunities.  Meetings are held with elected and appointed government leaders allowing the mutual exchange of information and education.  Local chamber members participate in these discussions.

The Chamber hosts many programs providing opportunities for elected officials at all  levels of government to share outlooks on current events, policies, and programs affecting business and the community.  The Chamber follows the following as actions in public policy:

  • We are engaged to prevent anti-business legislation
  • We actively advocate for pro-business legislation through our communications and visits
  • We research, discuss, & develop solutions to address business concerns
  • We build partnerships with other business advocacy organizations
  • We look out for the best interests of our investors to influence public policy
Voter Registration