The Texarkana USA is a center point for economic development for a region including many cities, counties, and two states.  The economic development initiatives seek to enhance an environment for growth throughout the entire region including highways, schools, and governmental cooperation.  With many resources in the area, the Texarkana region is an exciting location for business of all sizes – from one person operations to companies employing thousands.  Whether energy, health care, education, sports, retail, light or heavy manufacturing, or transportation, this region is the place to be.  The region has a distinctly favorable business climate with a skilled workforce as well as a commitment to grow a customized trained workforce to meet the opportunities of new industry.  With a pro-business environment, the region works to stimulate workforce development, business location, and a quality of life to expand growth instead of stifling an opportunities.  This is a region of business and a life style attracting people to visit, to work, and to stay here.