Economic Development

Texarkana is the Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas center for business in the region. Texarkana continues to shine as a retail, transportation, medical, manufacturing, educational, and residential hub for the region. The pro-business community thrives with the ‘buzz’ of business while growing a cultural lifestyle attractive to businesses and workers of all ages. With a history of prosperous economic development, the area continues its transportation heritage of a convergence of railroads and now highways to move goods and citizens throughout the south and midwest. It has a history of attracting residents, businesses and workers who tend to remain in the region..Why? Because it is a great place to be!!

You can find a business location anywhere,.. but you can find a business home in Texarkana USA.

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Top priorities are:
  • Retention and expansion of business

  • Diversification of our economic base

  • Continuous building of a skilled and dedicated workforce
  • Fostering partnerships with business leaders throughout the area in a regional approach to economic development